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① company was established in June 9, 2009;

② in November 2009 and Fuzhou Hitachi Technology PCBA projector automatic detection equipment design and manufacture of long-term cooperation;

③ December 2009 with Norway LD company reached a massage device development and production;

④ December 2009 and Hong Kong EC company reached a long-term cooperation in various types of electronic research and development cooperation;

⑤ In August 2011, the company reached the R & D and production of PCBA automatic inspection system with Xiamen Lidaxin Company.

⑥ July 2012 to Rongshida juice machine R & D and production to reach cooperation;

⑦ in April 2013 and BT reached a joint development of solar energy products;

⑧ July 2014 and Xiamen realistic Co., Ltd. on the UPS power to achieve R & D and production cooperation.